once upon a time.

you might think you know who you are, but you don't. we do.
theme nightforsummer; base stupefys, memorias-agridoces.

everybody loves a good fairytale...
a roleplay.

william ferdinand | seventeen | prince ferdinand | logan lerman | taken

often referred to as ‘charming’, will makes no effort to hide his velvet tongue, his way with words. brought up with a privileged background, money was an object to him and he was never taught the value of a dollar. often labelled as controlling, will occasionally allows himself to become angered if he doesn’t get his way but granted, he’s working on his issues. 

anyone could see that prince was charming

serena white | eighteen | snow white | lily collins | taken

with a girl like serena, looks can be deceiving. to an outsider, she may look perfectly fine. but on the inside, she’s a complete mess. never does she think twice before taking a decision, bringing many troubles into her life. she is quite the charmer after all, though.

lips red as the rose. hair black as ebony. skin white as snow.

gavin hill| seventeen | dumbo | niall horan | taken

gavin is the shy, passive type who seems to be alone more often than anything else. he is made fun of a lot, but doesn’t think or do much about it for not wanting to get into further consequences. his father left when he was young and his mother was sent to a mental institution because she got into a lot of trouble helping her son try to fit in somewhere, leaving gavin in the uncaring hands of his uncle.

ever faithful, ever true. nothing stops him, he’ll get through.